Reverse Volume Trading

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One off the most important decisions a binary options trader must make is whether to place a bull or a bear put. Understanding this is an essential part of making the right decision and placing a successful trade. One approach, which will provide an excellent guide as to what the majority of people involved with the market expect to happen, is to look at binary options volume trading strategy volume of a specific asset.

This is not the volume of the asset in total; it is the quantity of an asset which binary options volume trading strategy being moved between people. An asset which has one hundred units and ten of them are being traded does not suggest a market which expects something to happen to the value of the asset.

However, in contrast if ninety or the entire one hundred units are being moved then there is something worth looking at. It is important to remember that the volume of an asset is across the entire market, not just the amount being traded by your binary options broker. If you believe you have located an asset which is being traded in volume across the market then you may want to join in and make your own trade.

The first step is to locate an hourly chart which shows your specific asset. You will then be able to see the candles on the chart, showing the highs and lows of the asset. The last candle for a bear and bull market should be looked at more closely. You will need to calculate the average for the peaks and the troughs of the asset.

Once you have completed this draw a horizontal line through the lows of your candle and the highs of your candle. You will then have created your boundaries, the majority of assets will not move outside of these lines.

If the asset you are looking at is very close to one of the boundary lines you should consider placing a trade which is the opposite of the current trend.

Alternatively, if it currently near the middle but moving in one direction you could place a trade with the asset movement. Volume is an important technique to confirm the way you are reading the chart and your gut instinct.

If there is a large amount of movement on the market then many traders have picked up n the upward or downward trend of an asset and are attempting to make a good return trading its trend.

By combining the volume with the highs and lows on the average price candle you should binary options volume trading strategy able to predict the turning point. You can then place a trade which goes against the majority movement in the market and you should see a correspondingly high return as your trade seems more risky than going with the market. It is vital to consider your trade carefully before placing it; if the volume movement is high; and you have calculated the highs binary options volume trading strategy lows correctly, then timing is crucial.

You need to trade just before it peaks and reverses; this will allow you to make the maximum possible return, and, provide a great sense of satisfaction! Subscribe To Trading Secrets. Tunneling Binary Binary options volume trading strategy Trading: Volume Based Binary Option Trading. In fact, binary options volume trading strategy most traders the right approach is unique to them simply because everyone has different risk factors.

We do our best to set up a credible fifteen minutes It is considered to binary options volume trading strategy a trading pattern designed in Japan.

The system has been created to help market pl Until recently, one minute was seen as the fastest possible trade, however this is now cha But there are also some distinctions in these two activities. The stock options trading strategy implementation instru Binary Option Auto Trading Review.

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In this article I am going to share with you some trades I took with price action and volume. I took them in an exchange. Each trade has 5 minutes expiry.

In all of them I buy contracts in the beginning of the five minutes. All of my trades expired regular in the expiry time except my last trade in which I sold the contract before the expiry. My trades are in the arrows in the chart.

In the beginning of the screen shot, before I took my trades, you can see the the buying climax near to a whole number. After that we have a big fall in the market. Notice the volume, some minutes before I took my first trade in the call arrow. We have an increasing selling climax in as you can easily see in the volume bars.

The buying climax after the big fall and the first bullish candles was my confirmation. I took a solid ITM call trade in the call arrow. In my second trade the price hit hit and get over the previous highs with a buying climax near a whole number. With the same thinking of my previous trade I took a put binary option trade in this case. My third trade was a little bit risky. I took a call without important clues. The most important thing in this chart are the ast trades.

In the next put arrow the price hit previous highs with buying climax near the resistance which was a whole number,too. I took an ITM put. And now notice the lower highs in this down trend. In every pull back I saw and the first bearish red bar had bigger volume than the previous bullish bar I took put trades.

Easy and risk free trades. My last trade was a call took this because of the extremely selling climax near a whole number and the rejection in the last bearish candle. It was in the money. This was an extra reason to take my last call. There is a possible up movement of the price. Hi everyone, In this article I am going to share with you some trades I took with price action and volume.