Optional extras on lease cars – which ones should you pick?

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Below are answers to the questions our customers ask most frequently:. Below are answers to the questions our customers ask most frequently: How does Car Leasing Specialists work? Car Leasing Specialists is a website designed to let you easily search and identify your car leasing optional extras car from our database of over vehicles.

Once you've identified your car we let you quickly calculate a customised car-leasing quote based on your exact requirements. You can then choose to print or save the quote, apply online, customize the quote further or keep browsing and get quotes for further vehicles. Yes, you can choose any colour available in the range car leasing optional extras car you choose. One thing to bear in mind though is that the more flexible you are with colour, the quicker the delivery of your new car will be.

Choosing a popular colour like white, which is usually in stock, will take less time than if you order a car that is a specific, less popular, colour. We can supply and fit a range of extra items to your new car.

If you have specialist items that you car leasing optional extras to fit yourself feel free to fit these at your own cost. All we ask is that if you choose to return the car to us then please remove all the lettering and decals before the lease period ends.

We provide free-of-charge delivery of your new car to any UK mainland address and aim to do so within 7 - 10 working days. If you choose a model that isn't readily available and can't wait we will endeavour car leasing optional extras recommend another suitable car. It can car leasing optional extras if you want - we offer a fixed cost maintenance car leasing optional extras but don't insist that you include this.

All of our vehicles are brand new and come with a full manufacturers warranty. Service intervals on new commercial vehicles have become far less frequent than they used to be.

Doing an average mileage means you may only need one service a year to keep your car in tip-top condition. All of our cars are delivered with the manufacturers roadside assistance package. In most cases this offers 3 years cover but you can opt to extend this beyond to give yourself complete piece of mind should the unforeseen happen. Your car lease agreement will include an annual mileage limit.

However, our contracts are extremely flexible and we can arrange to increase or decrease the amount of mileage you require. We are here to help that's why we make sure that our lease deals are the most flexible available on the market. Our car lease agreements range from 24 to car leasing optional extras months depending on the vehicle and contract chosen.

Car leasing optional extras, but the amount you pay is up to you and depends on the lease option that you go for. While a minimum one payment upfront is available, typically an initial deposit of 3 monthly payments is required. Larger deposits can be given to reduce the monthly payment. Yes, either for the duration of the contract or 12 months. This will depend the type of lease agreement chosen.

No, the car lease agreement does not include insurance. You have to arrange your own fully comprehensive insurance for the vehicle. There are different benefits to each of these finance options and, the truth is, it's about finding the option that meets your individual needs. Our expert car leasing advisors will help you decide on the lease, contract or lease purchase plan that's best for you.

Click here if you want to know more about the differences between car leasing optional extras finance option. Yes simply call and talk to your car leasing advisor and they can assist you in making the right decisions about how best to proceed.

All we need to know is where you want us to deliver the vehicle as well as your home address and date of birth. We also need your bank details because we collect your monthly payment by direct debit. Our simple application process means we can give you an answer quickly and have your new car on car leasing optional extras road within working days! No, we deal with new start businesses all the time.

We don't ask for accounts or a business plan and you don't need to be VAT registered. We have the simplest account application process in the UK. Many of our customers started their businesses with a lease car from us and now have several vehicles on their fleet.

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Do you add optional extras even if you won't buy outright. Or do you find it a complete waste of money if your plan is not to keep the car? I do if I need them. Afyter all I am in the car for three years.

I do the same with our own car, I change that every three years, but pay extra for certain things to make the journeys better. If you are going to get the use out of something, then it pays for itself over the three years, if not, why add it?

Surely renting or leasing a car like on the scheme is a waste of money if your plan isn't to keep the car? I think any extra that will help you is worth the money, I'd much rather spend a couple of hundred on extras than wish I had bought them down the line. Thanks for the replies. I never realized it was common for people to buy the car after the 3 year lease?

I thought most just went and got a brand new car on the scheme after the 3 years? Others are neceesary extras like lumbar support. Extras fitted to one car could still work out cheaper than another car which has a higher AP.

When I added the cost of essential extras, it was exactly the same as the S-Max AP already fitted with the same things. Then I go down the list to try and find something that fits the bill. Unfortunately I always end up having to pay as the automatics always cost a lot more which is ironic as I'm sure a lot of us disabled need the auto's more! Its a pity motability are not rolling out rear parking sensors across the board, as Vauxhall, Ford and I think Mitsubishi cars all have them fitted free.

Strange things with automatics on the scheme is the extra you have to pay. The Peugeot has some great extras and fuel is very good also.

Do you work for Peugeot? The cost of extras is always high as some parts are low volume and therefore costly. Ha ha a coarse on learning how to drive semi-auto's might help you lot that can't drive a semi-auto properly.!!!!: Also have you driven one and used it in Sport Mode Do agree to a certain extent. If I wanted to change gear manually, I would have bought a manual! Yes, that power difference in that 1. It all depends Dab is the wiring etc.. With DAB unfortunatly until teh Government turns off the FM signal, they will be costly, especuially in manufacturers that the UK is small proportion of its sales, thats why Ford UK is fitting it as standard now on all new models.

Sat navs in the car, well they are such a small take up that the supplier charges a high margin and then the manufacturer charges a high margin on top. Untill they are fitted as standard, economy's of scale won't kick in. Why not try and go for the mass market. I think because that ship has sailed, you can get cheap Sat navs direct from Garmin and Tomtom, so no cost benefit for the manufacturers and besides, the days of sat navs are almost dead with the advent of more and more people having sat nav enabled phones.