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Thu Apr 5 Tokyo: June in Brokers. Now there are tons of rip off games binary. I am going to list some of these. They do not allow you to martingale, when you are very likely to win the next trade. I was simply told, The contract offers NO return if i want to place the trade. When you wanna place a trade, they place a so called "error" so you can miss your strike price and get a rather random strike price.

I have attached proof of this on this post. I have struggled to make some profit, and want to withdraw. I have sent full coloured and very easy to see document scans, but for some reason, they say it is insufficiently clear. If you plan on joining them, you need to be very careful, as i have never seen a broker that doesn't offer a chance to martingale, or even place a trade at a particular time.

Nevertheless, lie how i verify my binarycom account documents not being clear enough to be verified in a high colour scan. June edited June I placed a contract and it's telling me unknown contract It will be interesting to hear what Binarydotcom has to say about this. At what point in time does a broker tell you " The contract offers 0 Return at this point? Not to talk about the error-purchase buttton that keeps interchanging when you wanna place a trade, which can obviously lead to a bad S.

They are playing way too many games right now. Can you record video of this? Anybody who can show real proof of a broker doing this please take screen shots of progressive trades you made or better video of this happening. You mess with the traders you mess with me and then I will work to mess you up To be fair I never heard of binary. They have a fairly good reputation. If they do not block my account after reading this, how i verify my binarycom account would record my trading video when next i decide to trade.

I have a strong belief that by tomorrow, the error-purchase interchanging situation would happen again, and i would make another video of that one. Update- Only Semi good how i verify my binarycom account now is that the Account has been verified. I just need them to stop playing these games.

Hey Guys, so my sister just forwarded this email to me, just like i predicted. Which has been verified by the documents we sent, so i do not know why they wanna kick us out, maybe it's the review, not sure. Joubert, We regret to inform you that according to our terms and conditions we do not accept clients live in the US and trade with Binary. Due to that, we have decided to close your account after you have withdrawn the remaining balance.

Please ensure that you withdraw the remaining balance by going to the cashier section and request for a payout. Once we have processed the withdrawal, we will close your account. I don't know why it's such a BIG issue, but let's see how they deal with this. Hey Guys so i how i verify my binarycom account given my sister all access to her trading account i. Let me just put this out there, I think Binary. However, if they can work on the issues how i verify my binarycom account have stated above, it wouldn't be up for a debate anymore.

I am using this to constructively criticize binary. Additionally, since i have released this thread, i have gotten reports of the issues i listed above to be non existent, however i would like that to be permanent. As for now, regardless of my initial criticism of binary. Well, all of this is alarming What do you mean i was trying to scam them, are you ok?

They have APIs of which can be traded by others. Not that it matters now but based on their t and c's, they never stated that. Infact, they even infer that this is fine, by saying that the account owner is responsible for whoever trades the account, and this is basically not their business. There is nothing clearly stating the account owner should be the only to trade the how i verify my binarycom account solely. Thanks for the education.

Wanted to get so called no deposit bonus as advertised through their affiliates. No clarifications, full of excuses and who ever you email to, the same person answers your query. Do not believe that you will ever get any no deposit bonus because they will find an excuse not to give you one, trust me.

I got no deposit bonus from XM. All fine and works OK. Not only that, one person answers all queries as that person is the only one in the whole company. Anyway, whatever anyone says about them, Binary. Sign In or Register to comment.

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