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Vilma was founded in Madrid in by a group of experienced professionals in the International Oil Trading Sector. The company has grown continuously since inception, becoming an established and highly respected player in the Oil Industry. In order to diversify its line of business, in Vilma started a competitive physical bunker supply in oil trading list brokers Strait of Gibraltar.

Recently Vilma is oil trading list brokers involved in the Terminal Business within the Strait of Gibraltar with Vopak as a partner at the Algeciras port facilities. The relative small size of the organization allows for agility and flexibility in satisfying client needs in order to achieve tailor-made services for specific supply areas. We encourage and support our employees to do continuous training programs in order to build the best career path possible to meet their prospects and motivations.

InVilma has internationally traded more than 4. This activity stream completes oil trading list brokers naphtha business as LPG is a seasonal competitor in the petrochemical sector. As well allows us to optimize our bunker supply service in Ceuta. Furthermore we have the capability to produce any oil trading list brokers product to achieve our costumers' needs.

Strategically located in the Strait of Gibraltar, one of the worlds's busiest seaways with overvessels transiting each year.

This exclusion is pursuant to article 6 of the said Convention. In the event of any discrepancy between the Oil trading list brokers Terms of Sale and the Specific Terms agreed by the parties, in each case, the latter shall prevail.

These conditions apply to all offers, quotations, orders, agreements, services and all subsequent contracts of whatever nature, except where otherwise is expressly agreed in writing by Vilma Oil. General trading conditions of another party will not apply, unless expressly accepted in writing by Vilma Oil. This "Supply Offer" shall be valid for the time limit specified in said offer.

If no time oil trading list brokers is proven written by any reason stated, a standard of 1 hour from delivery of the email or equivalent shall be applicable. If the party requesting Bunkers is not the Owner of the Vessel, Buyer assumes the sole responsibility for communicating oil trading list brokers terms and conditions of this Agreement oil trading list brokers the Owner of the Vessel prior to the date of delivery.

Such control or supervision will be subject to the specific approval stated in writing by "THE SELLER" with regard to the independent expert commissioned to conduct it. The expenses arising from supervision of oil trading list brokers of the bunker supply will, in all cases, be exclusively borne by and at the expense of "THE BUYER".

Being the signature of the Bunker Delivery Notice the final and binding confirmation of the aforesaid quantity, quality and compatibility. The Marine Fuels supplied hereunder shall be the Seller's commercial grades as determined in accordance with ISO The quality of the Marine Fuels shall be determined in accordance with Clause D below.

Such commercial oil trading list brokers shall be the only authentic, conclusive and binding proof for the parties to determine the quality of the Marine Fuel supplied to the ship. The Ship's Master shall also declare in writing in that document whether or not he intends to be present or represented at the moment of measuring the quantity supplied and the sample taking.

The Marine Fuel shall be supplied to the ship at the location or port of supply. The supply shall be performed according to the laws in force and applicable at the moment and in the location or port of supply and, especially, according to the by-laws of the port or location of supply. That cancellation will entitle "THE SELLER" oil trading list brokers refuse to provide the contractual supply, notwithstanding its right to be compensated by "THE BUYER" for all the expenses including judicial and lawyers' feesdamages and losses incurred directly or indirectly due to, or arising from the delay prior to that cancellation.

Once the supply oil trading list brokers completed and the measurement of oil trading list brokers quantity supplied performed and samples taken, "THE SELLER" shall present the ship a receipt that must be signed by the Ship's Master supplied, or the agent and it will bear the ship's seal, confirming satisfactory receipt of the Marine Fuel on board the ship.

These factors include without limitation any increased taxes, duties, the making of any law, order, bye-law or other regulation, the occurrence of any currency fluctuation affecting the cost of imported items.

If the price term is quoted as "delivered", then in addition to the purchase price of the Marine Fuel, the price shall include only the cost of transportation. Dollars or the currency adopted by mutual agreement by the parties. The payment will always be made in the currency agreed by the parties.

Delivery document may be provided to "THE BUYER" if requested oil trading list brokers payment in any event shall not be conditional upon buyer's receipt of such documents. All payments received from "THE BUYER" after an invoice is overdue shall first be applied to interest, legal collection costs and administrative fees incurred before they will applied to the principal amounts on a subsequent delivery. Any waiver by Seller of interest charges or administrative fees on a particular invoice shall not be construed as a waiver by "THE SELLER" of its rights to impose such charges on subsequent deliveries.

If the preceding and succeeding business days are equally near to the due date, then payment shall be made on or before the preceding business day. All payments from Buyer to Seller for Bunkers supplied under this Agreement are deemed to have been made in the ordinary course of business between Seller and Buyer, according to these ordinary business terms agreed between them. B Term for claims' documentation: Any claim of quantity or quality that has been notified within the term provided in said Oil trading list brokers 10 A must be completely documented within the twenty-one 21 days following the date of supply of the Marine Fuel.

Claims over quantity that have not been made within the term and in the manner foreseen in Clause 10 Aor oil trading list brokers within the term foreseen in oil trading list brokers clause, shall be considered finally expired and shall be considered not to have been made if received after the term unless "THE SELLER" expressly grants an extension of said twenty-one 21 day period to present the documentation.

When a documented claim is received within the term stated in this clause, both parties shall be oil trading list brokers to extend the maximum term to keep the commercial oil trading list brokers provided in Clause 5 B above until the commercial sample or samples are analyzed.

The result of such analysis shall be conclusive and binding for both parties. The expenses incurred in performing such analysis shall be borne by the party losing. Should such notice not be provided, any claim will be considered to have expired and will be considered not to have been lodged, unless "THE SELLER" expressly grants an extension of the term.

In the event that the Marine Fuels have been commingled with other bunkers on board the vessel supplied, "THE SELLER" shall have the right of lien to such part of the commingled bunkers as corresponds to the quantity of the Marine Fuels delivered.

The provisions in this section are without prejudice to such other rights as the Seller may have under the Spanish law against the Buyer or the Vessel in the event of nonpayment. The liability for breach of any condition or conditions whatsoever shall be limited to the payment of damages. If the situation persists for more than one 1 month, the party not affected by the Force Majeure may decide to terminate this Agreement.

The Sellers are selling and the Buyers are purchasing the Marine Fuels as principals and not as agent, trustee or nominee of any person with whom transactions are prohibited or restricted oil trading list brokers sub-clause a ; iii. In the absence of any such orders, directions, laws or regulations, the Party not in breach may terminate this Contract forthwith.

A surveyor to determine said proportion would be appointed in case of parties' disagreement. The liquidation, winding up, bankruptcy, insolvency, dissolution, administration or re-organization, or similar, or.

The appointment of a receiver, liquidator, trustee, administrator, administrative receiver or oil trading list brokers functionary of the other party or all or a substantial part of its assets otherwise than for the purpose of a reconstruction or amalgamation.

In the aforementioned event without prejudice or limitation to the generality of the foregoing, in case that the third party terms include:. This Oil trading list brokers shall be governed and construed in accordance with Spanish law. All clauses shall be interpreted and complemented, where appropriate, by the precepts oil trading list brokers principles of Spanish law that are of relevant application to the case.

Any dispute arising out of or relating to this contract, including any matter regarding its existence, validity or termination, shall be definitively settled by arbitration in law, administered oil trading list brokers the Court of Arbitration of the Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid, in accordance with its Arbitration Rules in force at the time the request for arbitration is filed. The arbitral tribunal appointed for such purpose will be formed by one arbitrator.

The language to be used in the arbitration will be Spanish. The place of arbitration will be Madrid, Spain. In all matters requiring judicial formalization of the arbitration, execution of the arbitration finding or injunctive measures that oil trading list brokers not the direct competence of the Arbitration Court, the parties agree the jurisdiction and competence of oil trading list brokers Courts of Madrid. The complexities of cross border cargoes by road, railway and ship, along with the associated customs formalities, quantity and quality control are supervised by our experienced team.

Our risk management team has a high degree of expertise in the use of financial derivatives futures, options, swaps, etc in order to minimize the risks associated to currencies, logistics and product prices. The particular characteristics of each commercial transaction, along with the different requirements of our suppliers and customers, are analyzed by our risk management team and as a result customized hedging solutions are successfully implemented.

Since Vilma has exclusive use of 83, m3 storage terminal at the Port of Ceuta and is developing as well its own terminal project nearby. This terminal is being built in an area of approximately 60, m2 with the aim of supplying bunker at the Port of Algeciras, as well serving as a hub.

The First Phase of construction, with am3 capacity, is already on stream since March Additionally the weather conditions and highly skilled labour force make the port one of the most reliable and free of interruptions. At the moment Vilma Oil has 11 tanks of storage Plans for the development of a new terminal are underway.

The Port of Algeciras Bay is Spain's number leading port in terms of volume and port activity with 4. It's the first semi-automatic terminal in the Mediterranean area and with further capacity expansion already planned in a second phase.

Moving energy is our core business, the skill of meeting balance between logistics and risk. A service based on technical expertise, local knowledge and responsiveness. We have developed a first class bunkering service based on quality and time efficiency. With our time-chartered bunker vessel we also supply vessels at the anchorage area of Ceuta. I The quality shall be final and binding for all parties save for fraud or manifest error. Prior to the delivery, the Master of the ship to be supplied will confirm the quantity and description of the Marine Fuel, signing and stamping with the Ship Owner's seal or seal of the ship the document called "Bunker Supply Agreement", that will be delivered to him by "THE SELLER" The Ship's Master shall also declare in writing in that document whether or not he intends to be present or represented at the moment of measuring the quantity supplied and the sample taking.

In any case, passenger ships have absolute priority to be supplied. The liquidation, winding up, bankruptcy, insolvency, oil trading list brokers, administration or re-organization, or similar, or ii. In the aforementioned event without prejudice or limitation to the generality of the foregoing, in case that the third party terms include: Oil trading list brokers arbitration finding handed down will be final and binding upon both parties.

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Ever since the s, the majority of commodity contracts traded are financial derivatives with financial underlying assets such as stock indexes and currencies.

When executing trades on behalf of a client in exchange for a commission he is acting in the role of a broker. When trading on behalf of his own account, or for the account of his employer, he is acting in the role of a trader. Floor trading is conducted in the pits of a commodity exchange via open outcry.

A floor broker is different than a "floor trader" he or she also works on the floor of the exchange, makes trades as a principal for his or her own account. IBs do not actually hold customer funds to margin. They advise commodity pools and offer managed futures accounts. CTAs exercise discretion over their clients' accounts, meaning that they have power of attorney to trade the clients account on his behalf according to the client's trading objectives.

A CTA is generally the commodity equivalent to a financial advisor or mutual fund manager. A commodity pool is essentially the commodity equivalent to a mutual fund.

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