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La ropa y los colores Mein Zimmer - Dativ: Preposisicones de dativo Was ich zu Hause mache: La casa Was ich zu Hause mache: How too much of Mcdonald's will make you feel! Selected scenes from the documentary "Supersize Me" directed by Morgan Spurlock, focusing on what too much McD's does to your body and how it makes one feel.

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Muchos recursos de Bachillerato y Universidad y demasiado flash Profes. Informa sobre cursos on-line de todo tipo Aprendemas: Informa sobre cursos on-line de todo tipo Comunidad Opciones de nivel 4 eso 2015 Enlaces para profesores Colegio Nules. Recursos educativos interactivos YouTube: El Comercio 3 Mayo Deportes, comida, vida, Jovellanos.

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Pour apprendre le lexique avec support audio. C'est rigolo comme tout! Videoclip del grupo musical Faraday, con antiguos alumnos del Instituto.

Se trata de un estudio de sedimentos y espacios para la sostenibilidad. Contiene estudios de caso muy interesantes. Envejecimiento de la poblacion:

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Alexa Brooks and Dr. Andrew Bennett and coordinated by Ms. Ana Alonso, were highly instructive. The students extensively demonstrated their fluency in English and their knowledge of American Literature.

Jean Choi and Dr. They defended their ideas sensibly and energetically being distinguished by everybody. The experience was really rewarding for the students who actively participated in the classes and in the guided visits.

They successfully represented IES Cervantes with their proposals and opinions. Louis University of Missouri Madrid Campus. Wonderful actors, an attractive mise en scene and a friendly atmosphere made the students enjoy a most remarkable Elizabethan play where treason and power intertwine with feelings and emotions.

After the performance an interesting debate with actors and director took place in the theatre of Elias Ahuja Students Residence. Please, keep working like this! Will Shakespeare is timeless and universal.

Good English, sensibility, poise and common sense distinguished our delegation. The South of the USA in the nineteenth century, miscegenation, racial discrimination, female confinement and the decline of a whole system of values were the topics discussed in this talk in which 1st Bachillerato B, 4 ESO B and 3rd ESO E Bilingual participated eagerly.

Dancing is sublime and if one combines it with literature, one obtains the most wonderful mixture ever. Looking at and Writing about Dance. It was more than a paper conference! Hutera and Kumin know about the way cultural manifestations of art condition human behaviour. Then, through words and images, they transmitted to the audience why human beings can express love and hate, passion and disgust, affection and revulsion in a way they have never done before.

Classical ballet, modern dance or even the simplest gestures of our bodies provoke insights and provide the public with meanings which make people think about the most elementary and complex issues in their lives. The exhibition displays a number of aspects of British art during a particular period, discovering half-hidden treasures submerged for over years. Our students attended an English Immersion Programme doing Biology fieldwork studies in Ecosystems food chains , Meteorology weather station ,Geology weathering and erosion and an Orienteering workshop.

The students enjoyed their time in the scenic surroundings and were very involved in all the activities, engaging with the Centre monitors completely in English. After three days everyone, teachers and students, returned to Cervantes having thoroughly enjoyed a very enjoyable trip. Rosa Barrio and Alejandro Molinero. Rosa Barrio and M.