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The first human settlement in the History of Dubai was in approximately BCEwhen the area was inhabited by nomadic cattle herders. In the 3rd century CE, the area came under the control of the Sassanid Empire which lasted until the 7th century, when the Umayyad Caliphate took control and introduced Islam in the area.

The area was sustained by fishing and pearl diving for a thousand years, with the first records of the town being made in when the Bani Yas clan established it as a dependency of Abu Dhabi. Dubai became a separate Sheikhdom inwhen the Al-Maktoum dynasty of the Bani Yas clan initially from Abu Dhabi took it over peacefully. The invention of artificial pearls in and the Great Depression in caused a collapse in the international pearl market, which resulted in the emir Sheikh Saeed looking for an alternative source of income and inviting Indian and Iranian traders to settle there without paying any tax and Dubai becoming one of the leading open trading account dubai non resident ports in the world.

Inoil was discovered in Dubai, which changed the country beyond recognition and led to Dubai becoming the vibrant, modern, business-centred city. Records of the area where the emirate of Dubai is situated are very rare for any period before the 18th century. During the open trading account dubai non resident of the Sheikh Zayed Road between andremnants of a mangrove swamp were uncovered which were dated to approximately BCE. As it became more inhabitable, Open trading account dubai non resident cattle herders used the area to live and herd in.

For the next about — years there are no more details, probably because of the desertification, insignificance, and remoteness of the area, until the area came part of the "Maka" satrapythe southern most satrapy of the Achaemenid Empireand followed by the Sassanian Empirethe last pre-Islamic Iranian Empire, [6] several hundred years later in the 3rd century CE.

The Umayyads [10] regarded as the first Muslim dynasty, [11] introduced Islam to the area in the 7th century and sparked the revitalization of the area, opening up trade routes supported by fishing and pearl diving to eastern regions such as modern-day Pakistan and India, with reports of ships travelling as far as China to trade.

In the town was hit by a devastating smallpox outbreak which forced many to relocate east to the town of Deira, Dubai. This also had the side effect of the area becoming known as the Trucial States.

The success of the area led Sheikh Maktoum to sign an exclusive business deal with the British inmaking Dubai a British protectorateand ingranted full tax exemption for all foreign traders.

Merchants from Lingah looked across to the Arab shore of the Persian Gulf finally making their homes in Dubai. They continued to trade with Lingah, however, as do many of the dhows in Dubai Creek today, and open trading account dubai non resident named their district Bastakiya, after the Bastak region in southern Persia.

After various rulers, Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum who became Ruler in[30] was the first Open trading account dubai non resident to rule for a substantial period of time and is regarded by many as one open trading account dubai non resident the fathers of Dubai. The emergence of artificial pearls had begun to hit the economy of Dubai, and coupled with the effects of the depression caused the Sheikh to explore other opportunities for expansion. This resulted in the emergence of Open trading account dubai non resident as the premier re-export business port, whereby goods are imported into a duty-free port and immediately exported to another market.

The merchant class in Dubai played a key role in restructuring the economy and government decision-making in the pre-oil era of Dubai's development. Today merchants play a fundamental role in economic affairs and the political structure. In addition, again they have taken on roles as service suppliers, urban planners, culture mediators, and internationalists representing the region throughout open trading account dubai non resident world.

Dubai suffered economically after due to the collapse of the pearl open trading account dubai non resident, the Great Depression of the s, and the loss of extensive trade networks during World War II. Until the surge of oil revenues in the late s, political instability and merchant unrest existed and constituted an organized attempt to subvert British control and the ruling Al-Maktoum family. African slavery was practiced until the s. The uprising of in Dubai was the culmination of a decade of grievances and minor rebellions against the autocratic rule of Shaykh Sa'id bin Maktum ruled In the s the Trucial Coast was characterized by great poverty resulting primarily from a decline in the pearl trade.

Much of the initiative for reform sprang from an attempt to ameliorate economic conditions—the leaders of the movement having previously been successful pearl merchants. The new government established in October lasted only a few months before Shaykh Sa'id with Bedouin support was able to overthrow it in March The collapse of the reform movement is attributable to the role played by British agents and the weakness of the political structure that was set up.

A dispute between Dubai and Abu Dhabi regarding their border escalated into armed conflict between the two states, with Dubai attacking a number of Abu Dhabi towns in the country's interior. Arbitration by the British in resulted in the creation of a buffer frontier running south eastwards from the coast at Ras Hasian.

A formal compromise was not reached untileight years after the creation of the UAE. Rashid al Maktoum is widely regarded as the driving force behind the expansion of Dubai, causing its massive expansion, with the aid of the discovery of oil. Ina border dispute between Dubai and Abu Dhabi on their northern border erupted into war between the two states [42] [43] and forced the involvement of the British and the subsequent creation of a buffer zone which resulted in a temporary ceasefire.

The major turning point in the history and fortunes of Dubai was the discovery of oil in Once the first shipment of oil was made inthe future of Dubai as an autonomous state was secured, [49] and its ability to dictate policy in later years to the UAE was cemented. Britain left the Persian Gulf in the early part ofhaving announced their intentions incausing Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, in conjunction with five other emirates to form the United Arab Emirates.

To enable this, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the only emirates who have veto power over matters of national importance, whereas the other emirates only have a vote on such matters.

The Persian Gulf War ofin which Dubai as part of the UAE provided military aid to the coalition, unsettled the economy, [56] however during the middle of the s this stabilised and many foreign trading communities moved their businesses to Dubai.

The economic depression has hit Dubai extremely hard, open trading account dubai non resident [67] due to its dependence on tourism and building which has led to many newspaper reports of construction slowing and in some cases stopping altogether. Dubai has also been open trading account dubai non resident the news for its attitudes towards adultery, which are seen as harsh in the Western World, with cases forcing the intervention of some governments to help its citizens.

Despite the international turmoil over the cost of oil, Dubai is already considered to be the Hong Kong of the Middle East. During the 21st century, Dubai may have to implement policies that move away from globalization and toward localization to conserve their energy resources, provide local jobs to citizens of the United Arab Emirates instead of foreign citizens, and maintain their local decision-making authority.

Zoning policies would be adjusted by Dubai's municipal government to promote resource conservation and eliminate sprawl. While Dubai has opened its doors to tourists by permitting non-Muslims to drink alcoholic beverages and view eroticaa lot of these services are being used by open trading account dubai non resident foreign-born workers who take jobs away from legal residents of the UAE. The last remaining oil deposits in the United Arab Emirates will run out at the end of As of FebruaryDubai along with the rest of the United Arab Emirates only has a reserve supply of 44 billion barrels of crude petroleum.

The development of a broader manufacturing open trading account dubai non resident may create more jobs for women; enhancing the open trading account dubai non resident that women play in Dubai's male-dominated society in addition to the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

Before the British left, there were no exact boundaries defined between the Trucial States, however with the discovery of oil needing boundaries to be decided for concession reasons, Britain was required to define the boundaries. Open trading account dubai non resident, the British political agent, made declarations between and defining the boundaries.

Although the rulers of both Dubai and Sharjah had agreed in to accept the rulings made, Dubai's ruler declined to accept the decision. The following is a list of rulers of Dubai, Al-Maktoum dynastygoing back at least to Having attended school in the United Kingdomhe became part of the everyday running of the country. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Inoil was discovered in Dubai, which changed the country beyond open trading account dubai non resident and led to Dubai becoming the vibrant, modern, business-centred city- Contents.

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Archived from the original on 18 July Archived from the original on June 8, Retrieved 12 July US Energy Information Administration. Determining boundaries in a conflicting world.

Interpretation and Revision of International Boundary Decisions. Dubai Official Government Portal. History Timeline Geography Government Culture. Grand Mosque Hindu Temple St. Mary's Catholic Church St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church. Towns Buildings Places Structures. Retrieved from " https: All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from June CS1 maint: Uses authors parameter CS1 errors: Views Read Edit View history.

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